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The Publishing house Laemmli media was created in 20. Today the company is engaged in development of a number of international media projects in the field of medicine, a healthy lifestyle and a business in Switzerland, as well as the organization of business events and conferences. The priority task of the publishing house is also expansion to digital areas and promoting the company’s products to new markets.

For many years we have been working with information and information technologies that help industry participants find each other and generate new ideas.

Our main goal is to provide our customers and partners a wide range of tools for communication. Connecting people, we are opening closed doors and creating new opportunities.

The publishing house brings together an international team of high level specialists which operates in several countries in Europe, Latin America and The middle East. Therefore we could offer innovate custom solutions and wide range of services.

Project Manager Мaria-Аnna Lemmli

Our vision

We support our customers through media and to achieve communications objectives, are important to them. We work in a goal-oriented and want, that the product, in which they have invested energy and resources, undergoes a high-quality media support, and we get new possibilities for their commercialization.

Our work on our expertise and skill employees based, we always do with heart and Mind. We offer our customers a unique combination experience and innovative idea, and our ability feeling and intellect in the cause to bring with.


Acting as an international resource, we help our clients find partners abroad. We hold key events for broad media coverage and the attendance of VIPs. A global network of contacts enables us to secure capable media partners in Switzerland and many other countries.


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