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No matter why you come to Zurich – to meet with a business partner, to pay a visit to a doctor, or to spend a romantic weekend – the Alden Hotel Splugenschloss will provide you with the most comfortable of stays. Thanks to the hotel’s individual approach, each guest takes in his or her own experience of Zurich.

Zurich is one of those noble European cities which are fully revealed only upon a close and unhurried exploration. The deluxe Alden Hotel Splugenschloss has everything necessary to make this happen. Located in the heart of Zurich, just a couple of minutes’ walk from Lake Zurich, the Alden Hotel Splugenschloss has been welcoming guests for over a century – its doors opened to visitors in 1895. Its guests have included monarchs, business leaders, famous politicians, legendary sportsmen and movie stars, all of them attracted by the luxury of the interior, the ideal location, the silence, the opportunity to hide from prying eyes, and the individual approach to each guest.

The Alden Hotel Splugenschloss, which is ranked as the smallest five-star hotel in Switzerland with only 22 suites ranging in size from 60 to 100 square meters, offers more than just a standard set of deluxe hotel services. It takes care of any needs its clients may have. Need a car with a driver? Tickets to the opera? A suitable restaurant and a table reservation? The ideal romantic evening? A visit to the doctor? There is no task that your personal assistant cannot handle: you only have to ask, or mark the options in the tablet computer, your organizer for the trip. After that, it remains only for you to focus on the purpose of your visit and your own feelings. Enjoy the views of the old city, discuss deals with business partners, stroll through the Bahnhofstrasse and its neighboring streets, look for updates from the latest collections… after a day full of new impressions, you return to a small, cozy hotel and you feel at home in its comfortable suites, suites in which there is a working zone with access to the Internet, a lounge for worldly conversation, and a rest zone hidden from prying eyes. Each of the rooms, though designed in a similar style, is individual and unique.

You plan to stay in the hotel and come to the city solely on business? They have everything you need for work and for a good rest in the hotel. There are open terraces where, depending on the season, you can sunbathe or simply admire the tiled roofs of Zurich with a glass of local wine. There is the bar and the restaurant, with fine cuisine – local chefs are ready to surprise even the most sophisticated gourmets. There is the sauna and the gym, if you enjoy sport and if keeping fit is just as important to you as breathing. There is even a small library where you can find a fine collection of books, or where you can just hold a confidential conversation in an ideal setting.

There are special offers for couples: rooms designed for a romantic mood, candlelit dinners and, of course, an individual touring program of the city, which will be prepared by a personal assistant upon request.